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Our Services

We understand that exercise is essential for a dog's physical and mental wellbeing, our walks and pet pop ins enable them to get the mental and physical exercise that they need. Our services allow busy owners to go on about their day without having to worry about their beloved pets.

At Happy Tail Trails we start with an initial meet and greet to get to know the client and their pet(s), this way we can find out about your animals' history and any potential medical information that may be relevant. We will organise a short meeting with you and your pet(s) to go through all the information we need, and answer any questions you may have. 

We understand that animals are not always predictable, our cancellation policy states that cancellations must be made 12 hours prior to the walk or a small fee will be incurred. 

As a company we believe that an animals welfare always comes first. For this reason we are very weather conscious. This means that during extreme weather conditions during the summer and winter periods, some walks may be changed to at home visits or alternatively will be changed to early morning or later evening walks. In these cases owners will be contacted beforehand, to discuss what they believe would be best for their animal. 

Group Walks

We offer 1 hour group walks operate Monday to Friday, 3 times a day. Our group walks are perfect for dogs looking to make lifelong friends. At Happy Tail Trails we only walk four dogs per person, this is to assure the safety of your pets as well as our team. By limiting our numbers we are also able to make sure that your animal receives the love and attention that they deserve. We offer a collection service at no extra charge, this collection time not being included in the hour walk; meaning we may have your pet for longer than an hour! We use a van, fully equipped with crates so that we can all travel safely. We try to limit time in which your pet is in the van so that we can focus on having fun on our walks. 


1 Hour Group Walks; £14

(Additional dogs from same household + £8)


Solo Walks

As well as our group walks, we offer one hour solo walks as we understand that not all dogs are fan of other dogs. When starting our business we wanted to make sure that we offer solo walks as we believe that every dog should be able to find a walker despite any behavioral issues or reactivity. 

1 Hour Solo Walks: £18


Pop Ins

At Happy Tail Trails we offer also a pop in service for your furry friends whilst you away on holiday. In these pop in visits we are able to feed your furry friends and/or change litter trays. We have worked with many different species of animals including cats, rabbits, dogs, rats, birds, fish and reptiles.

1 Pop In A Day; From £12

2 Pop Ins A Day; From £16

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